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Highlights 2019

Un amico come il sole: che tu lo veda o no, c' sempre !

Maintenance Education and Training (ME&T)

Study Group Meeting on 16 September 2019, IMA Office, Lugano-Paradiso, Switzerland.

Skyline of Lugano
Skyline of Lugano

left: The Chairman of IMA Dr. Zohair Al Sarraj (KSA) and Dr, Jamal El Chaar (CH);
right: Alan Wilson (UK), Coordinator of the study.

left: Prof. Claudio Rolandi, SUPSI (CH); right: Prof. Andreas Weissenbach, University Mosbach (DE) ordering the lunch.

Business lunch near the IMA-Office.
Business lunch near the IMA-Office.

Results of the Study Group will be presented during the 3rd IMA World Maintenance Forum 2019 -
The First Global Meeting of Maintenance Societies.
Focus: Worldwide Overview of Current Practice of Maintenance Training & Education.
30 and 31 of October 2019 at the Convention Center (PALAZZO DEI CONGRESSI), Lugano, Switzerland.

More information

9th General Assembly

28 March 2019, Hotel Sempacherhof & Paraplegikerzentrum; Nottwil (Switzerland)

left: Susanne Baumann, handing over the presidency fmpro to...; right: ... the newly elected President fmpro Karin Schad.

left: Thierry Granger, newly elected member of the Board of Directors;
right: Herbert Kessler, Networking after the General Assembly fmpro.

International Maintenance Association (IMA)
IMA Study Committee Kick-Off Meeting

07 March 2019, IMA Office, Lugano-Paradiso, Switzerland.


Guideline for Maintenance Education and Training

Actually, there are no global Guidelines for Maintenance Education and Training available. Therefore the International Association for Maintenance (IMA) is willing to fill this gap.
A questionnaire will be developed and circulated around the world for better describing scopes.

In September or October 2019, the 3rd IMA World Maintenance Forum will be organized in Lugano (Switzerland) for promoting Global Education and Training in the field of Maintenance.

left: Alan Wilson (UK), Coordinator of the study; right The Chairman of IMA Dr. Zohair Al Sarraj (KSA).

left:left: Peter Willmott (UK), Alan Wilson (UK) and Franco Santini (IT)
right: Dr, Jamal El Chaar (CH) and Dr. Zohair Al Sarraj (KSA).

left:left: Claudio Rolandi (IT) and Franco Santini (IT); right: Peter Willmott (UK) and Alan Wilson (UK).

For further information, on-site training, technical advise or project management, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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